We have been battling ear problems these last few days.

For the first (and maybe second time), one of my kids has an ear infection. Xavier came down with a fever and an earache early last week and is just now coming out of it.

8 years and 4 kids, and this is the first time that we have ever had to deal with this. Luckily, though not for him, it is Xavier and he is able to share what he is going though, understand what to do and not to do and he has been getting through it.. I can’t imagine having a small baby with an ear infection… it has been awful for him especially when his ear was as its worst and he was waking from pain.

When we just thought that we were done, Khéna had a very wakefull night with a sore ear… though the pain was gone in the morning, he has been with fever for two days now. I am not too sure what exactly is happening with him, but hopefully the pain won’t come back again and the fever will just subside.

On the subject of ears and Khéna, we have been wondering for the last little while if Khéna has trouble hearing. He doesn’t seem to hear us often when we talk and makes us repeat often. He doesn’t hear when we call him from another room, or talk from behind him. He has been asking us to look at him when we talk so that either the sound is coming from in front or he can see our lips when we talk and will often say that he didn’t hear something.

This is pretty new and it seems to have been escalating quickly in these last few weeks so a few days ago I called a specialist and have an appointment set up for in a few weeks.

I am looking forward to understanding more what is happening with him and am hopeful that it is something temporary.

I would love to hear stores from others who have seen this before or have any insight…