I am the proud mama of three gorgeous boys and a beautiful little girl…

Ont he way to the Not going back to school picnic

We live in small town Quebec, where family life can be a bit isolated.

I believe in Natural Family Living and we are all learning through life (unschooling)…

I love to cook, I hate to clean, I love to sew and love photography…

I have given birth unassisted twice, I have had diaper free babies and have way too many baby wearing carriers,

I have been breastfeeding non stop since July 2002

I have been a peer-to peer breastfeeding counsellor, I give baby wearing and EC (diaper-free baby) workshops in Montreal every month and love teaching others.

I am a researcher at heart.

I am also an Atheist with a degree in Religion.

Me with a new haircut...

My family…

Simon: My husband, my partner… my love…

Simon and I

Xavier.. 11


Colin.. 9

Colin is 9!

Khéna… 6


Wilhelmina … 3


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