Do you feel stuck as a parent? Do you feel alone or overwhelmed? Do you feel like you are swimming against the current when it comes to parenting and feel you need a bit of support? Are you questioning unschooling? Do you need advice on natural birth or working through birthing fears? Do you want to attend one of my babywearing or EC workshops but live too far? Might you want more information on which carrier is right for you or how to get started with Elimination Communication?

Help is just one email, phone-call or chat away!

One-on-one mentoring offers you an opportunity to discuss your concerns, have questions answered and can strengthen your ability to make the desired changes in your life. Depending on your situation and needs, I can help you:

  • increase your confidence as a parent
  • let go of unrealistic expectations
  • rely less on consequences and rewards to change behaviour in children
  • see parenting in a different light and make things feel easier
  • find the right carrier for you or help you wear your carrier
  • help with elimination communication
  • help with preparing for birth

There are three ways to get mentoring:


I will answer 1-2 questions per e-mail depending on the length of the response. If you have one or two questions, one e-mail should be sufficient. If you know you will have more questions, then you may pre-pay for a block of five e-mails or go per e-mail with the fifth being free.

Phone/Skype chats

No limit to the questions that can be answered when we are talking. Skype video chats are very helpful when in comes to technical advice like EC or babywearing whereas phone chats are more fluid when it comes to more serious discussions.
Both phone/Skype chats are done in 30 min increments or you can choose up to an hour at a time. If you want ongoing support or have many questions and you know that a hour just isn’t enough, you may pre-pay for 3 hours and use those 3 hours over a month in 30 min or 1 hour blocks.

Rates: (In Canadian funds)
  • Single email: 25$
  • Block of 5 e-mails: 100$
Phone or skype video chat:
  • 30 min: 55$
  • 1 hour (or two 30 min blocks): 100$
  • 3 hours distributed over a month: 250$