Last weekend we headed to Quebec city for a family party. It is so rare that extended family gets together is happy time (not a funeral)  so I jumped on the chance…

An old friend and his wife invited us to sleep over at their house that night also which was amazingly kind considering that we are six people and they have an apartment.  It was one of those weekends that everything just turned out great and we all had fun.

The party was for my mom’s cousin’s 25th anniversary. There were a lot of happy tears and catching up and meeting second cousins and relatives that I had never met before. The boys had fun running around outside and picking at the buffet and hanging out with their grandma and going to the bathroom downstairs all by themselves. All dressed up we were able to get a pic of the family… This is the first time that we are all in a picture as it is usually Simon and I who are behind the camera…

(Khéna was fixated on the fountain that was in front of us)

My Family :)

My grandmother was really happy to spend sometime with the kids also…

MéméMémé and Willa

After the party we headed back to our friend’s apartment and then in the morning we headed to a flea market and then to the old city. It is amazing how you can go along the street and then meet the walls of the old city and be taken back in time. Buildings, centuries old, line the streets crowed together, and you are taken back in time. We parked the cars in the lower city and looked for a place to eat lunch.

(Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed Hotel in the world)

Château Frontenac

After lunch we decided to take the Funiculaire up to the upper city and then walk down again so that we could walk around more without us all getting too tired. The Funiculaire first went into operation in 1879 and worked on steam and counterweights. In 1907 it went electric and over the years it has been updated. It is a short ride that costs 2$ but is well worth it, and the boys loved it…

(from the street in the lower city and the view going to the top)

Going toward the Funiculaire Looking down the Funiculaire

At the top, there are the remains of the fort that stood on that spot nearly 400 years ago. The boys loved going around in the remains and seeing where things used to be.

Remnants of the old fort

Of course the view from the top is also spectacular…

view of the St-Laurent river and Basse-Ville

(another family pic!! and again, Khéna is not looking… )

In the old port of Quebec

After walking a bit in the upper city, we headed back down… It was a beautiful day, it was the weekend and their were tons of people, but it didn’t hinder the experience at all..

Petit Champlain district

We had Gellato, we people watched and looked at murals on the walls of the buildings (click on the pics below to see in big) We saw street performers (Khéna was quite intrigued by the statue lady) and heard music and just enjoyed the history around us….  I look forward to returning in the near future for another adventure…

Mural Statue? Khéna was not sure at all... the historic Notre-Dame-des-Victoires