I am finally discovering the world of jam. I have always loved jam but in my memory jam was a labour intensive, long process that needed a whole day to make. I have come to my senses though and I am not afraid. Jam can be so easy to make and the results are so worth it!

I made a small batch, but you can adjust the recipe for whatever quantity because it isn’t really a recipe which is why it is so easy to make.

I forgot to take pics of the process… sorry

For this cherry-vanilla jam you need 4 ingredients. Cherries, lemon, sugar and a vanilla pod. (the vanilla is optional)

First, pit the cherries (I used about 2 lbs of cherries) and put in a heavy-bottomed, non-reactive pan. Roughly chop a bit more than half of them (or use a wand to puree a bit more than half of them to save on mess and time) Start cooking the cherries on medium-high heat. Add the rind and juice of a lemon. (The natural pectin will help gel the jam later and the sour will compliment the sweet)

Cook for about 20 min until the whole cherries are soft and cooked through.

Now, measure what you have and add 3/4ths of the amount of sugar. I had about 4 cups of cooked cherries so I added 3 cups of sugar… (or a little less since I was not preserving the jam and I like it a bit more tart)

Mix the sugar in and let cook until you have the right consistency. The more you cook the thicker it will be. Just before it is ready add the seeds of 1 vanilla pod. (this of course is optional but I love the flavour that vanilla adds to the jam)

Put in clean jars and either process or put in the fridge…


Cherry-Vanilla jam